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Porsche of Conshohocken

Porsche Style Series: Three Sisters One Closet

I’ve never viewed cars simply as a way to get from point A to point B. I view them as a way of expressing oneself, before anyone even sees you open the driver’s door. Shouldn’t one of our biggest investments be a better reflection of our personalities? Why shouldn’t your personal vehicle represent your personal style?


We recently had Jacklyn Dunn Gerace, the mastermind behind the blog Three Sisters One Closet, come join us for a test drive of the Macan. Jacklyn’s personal style has a sophisticated, classic look that really resonated with that of the Macan we drove. As she sat in the driver’s seat and started up the car, I took notice of how well everything tied together. 


Jacklyn was a fan of the “luxe black and tan color combo” and loved the feeling of the Macan, noting that it “has the luxury and space of an SUV, with the steering, acceleration and smoothness of a car.” From the easily accessible control panel, to the surprisingly large trunk space, Jacklyn was very pleasantly surprised by all that the Macan had to offer.





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About the Blogger

Erica Feinstein is a summer intern at Porsche of Conshohocken. Erica is a Junior at Drexel University, majoring in Business and Engineering. She loves all things automotive and enjoys anything that challenges her creatively. Keep an eye out for future posts!



Date Posted: August 3, 2017