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Porsche Style Series: The Penny Parlor

One of the best qualities of the Macan is its versatility. It has the soul of a 911 Carrera and the practicality and safety of an SUV. The sport mode, direct fuel injection, and optional 400 hp engine will crush the competition. While such a fun car to drive, the Macan is also a very safe family car, possessing elaborate safety features to put any parent at ease.



Last week, we met up with The Penny Parlor’s Amanda, as well as her husband and three adorable children. As you can see, we had a great time testing out the Macan S! Customers are always surprised by the amount of interior space the Macan has to offer. Features include ample trunk space, a well-sized back seat, and good headroom.


Having the kids around also put into perspective what really matters in vehicles like the Macan: the safety features. Porsche’s unique, ceramic composite brakes (PCCB) are not only lightweight and efficient, but can also safely (and comfortably) stop the Macan on a dime. Standard equipped airbags provide extensive protection from frontal/rear collisions, as well as potential rollovers. Sensors on the front and back of the vehicle can detect obstacles before you see them, helping you avoid anything from a fender bender to a major collision. Internal sensors stabilize the vehicle in high-risk situations, applying the brakes to individual wheels as necessary, and making the braking system more effective as quickly as possible.


I really loved this shoot, as Amanda and her family were an absolute pleasure to work with. I truly enjoyed seeing the kids interact with the car. They seemed to have as much fun as the grownups!


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About the Blogger

Erica Feinstein is a summer intern at Porsche of Conshohocken. Erica is a Junior at Drexel University, majoring in Business and Engineering. She loves all things automotive and enjoys anything that challenges her creatively. 



Date Posted: August 21, 2017