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Porsche of Conshohocken

Porsche Style Series: SAVVY MainLine


Who says women can’t have fun behind the wheel? For our most recent interview and photoshoot, we took SAVVY MainLine’s Caroline O’Halloran out in a Macan GTS. The GTS is among the peppiest of the Macan lineup, with a sportier look than the other models.

“What does this button do?” Caroline gingerly pointed to the Sport button, before discovering the Sport Plus button shortly thereafter. We told her to try it out as she shrugged, grinned and planted her foot firmly onto the gas pedal. “This is fun!” She exclaimed as we smoothly flew down the bumpy back roads of Conshohocken.

Caroline noted how easy the car was to drive, agreeing with past sentiments that it was like “floating on air”. She also enjoyed the sheer power of the GTS, and how it was rugged yet refined; she looked right at home behind the leather-wrapped steering wheel. The interior of this particular car was black leather with garnet red accents, and carbon fiber trim throughout. 




If you're running around doing errands, taking kids from one activity to another, or driving to and from work, why shouldn't you have a good time doing it? Why can’t practicality be fun? This is what the Macan brings to the table that no other car can offer.




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Erica Feinstein is a summer intern at Porsche of Conshohocken. Erica is a Junior at Drexel University, majoring in Business and Engineering. She loves all things automotive and enjoys anything that challenges her creatively. Keep an eye out for future posts!




Date Posted: August 11, 2017