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Porsche of Conshohocken

Porsche Style Series: Honest Twenty One

In fashion, the possibilities are infinite. Styles, colors, patterns, trends—the combination of these qualities is what creates a beautiful finished product, unlike anything anyone has ever seen. I firmly believe that this is what makes the fashion industry worth upwards of $1 trillion. It also explains the world’s ongoing fascination with fashion collections, celebrity looks, and most recently, fashion bloggers.

Porsche of Conshohocken recently welcomed fashion blogger Megan Mandell (Honest Twenty One) to collaborate on a series of posts across several social media platforms. Megan will be the first of several bloggers in our Porsche Style Series, a string of posts celebrating the strong, real, successful women of the Main Line and Philadelphia communities. I firmly believe that women need to be better recognized in the automotive industry, both from a corporate and consumer standpoint.


During our test drive of the 2017 Macan S, Megan told us what she thinks about today’s auto industry and the current car-buying experience for women.

“There seems to be a high concentration of men in the industry,” Megan said as she turned onto the highway entrance, simultaneously clicking the Sport button on the dashboard. Her face lit up as she accelerated forward. Megan continued to explain what she would change, saying that she wished salespeople would “be more honest, and less focused on the end transaction.” She elaborated, saying that salespeople should understand how to better appeal to their female audience, by making them feel as though they’re valued customers, and specifically marketing to them. Many are under the impression that women don’t know as much about cars as men do, but that’s simply not true. In addition, women are often the primary breadwinners and caretakers for their families, and should be far more involved in the decision-making process when buying a car. Slowing down for the Conshohocken exit ramp, Megan exclaimed, “Car buying is an experience, it shouldn’t be a hassle!” As she switched lanes, she noted how good the Macan’s visibility was, because cars mean more to women than simply being a set of cupholders on wheels.


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About the Blogger

Erica Feinstein is a summer intern at Porsche of Conshohocken. Erica is a Junior at Drexel University, majoring in Business and Engineering. She loves all things automotive and enjoys anything that challenges her creatively. Keep an eye out for future posts!


Date Posted: July 18, 2017