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Porsche of Conshohocken

Mom Drives a Porsche

My family is full of car fanatics. Whether it be scouring auto blogs in the morning or enthusing about cars at the dinner table, we live and breathe automotive. Though my father, brothers and I have always been borderline obsessed, my Mom… not so much. She never particularly cared about what she drove in the past—as long as it had a heated steering wheel, she was sold. It wasn’t until three years ago that she truly began to see why we were so car-crazy: it was the day she picked up her brand-new, 2015 Macan S from the Porsche of Conshohocken dealership.

Sure, it had that fabulous heated steering wheel, but the Macan also had so much more to offer. Inside was a beautiful beige interior, the quality of which was only paralleled by the French and Italian handbags my Mom loves so dearly. The wheels were practically works of art, with a mirror-like finish you couldn't ignore. The car itself was a beautiful, obsidian black that shone brilliantly in the sun. The Macan was quite the sight to see, so I’m sure you can imagine the look of shock on our faces when my Mom started up the car and cheerfully complimented the purring of the engine. Even more surprising was the grin on her face as she hit the gas pedal. It was then that I realized my Mom understood our craziness. It only takes one experience in an amazing vehicle to see what the hype is all about.

I may be her daughter, but the dog always gets the front seat.


Always drive a car that makes you smile.


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About the Blogger

Erica Feinstein is a summer intern at Porsche of Conshohocken. Erica is a Junior at Drexel University, majoring in Business and Engineering. She loves all things automotive and enjoys anything that challenges her creatively. Keep an eye out for future posts!



Date Posted: July 11, 2017